25 Amazing and Free Online Resources for Biblical Studies

Published by admin on Tue September 27, 2011

The Word of God can be shrouded in mystery sometimes — even for those who have decided to follow the ministry as a career. However, you don’t have to remain in darkness. The scriptures offer the light to those who seek it, and Bible study can be a great way to better understand God’s will for you, as well as His will for the world.

You don’t have to attend a divinity program to learn about the Bible. In fact, there are plenty of free online resources for Bible study. If you are looking for a way to enhance your scripture study, here are 25 amazing — and free — online resources for Bible study:


Top 50 Blogs By Divinity and Theology Professors

Published by admin on Wed July 6, 2011

One of the most rewarding things you can do is obtain a degree in divinity and embark on a path that helps God’s children find their way. Not only can you help others, but you can also help yourself by learning more about the scriptures, and about the ways of the Lord. Divinity and theology are deeply personal, but these are subjects that also have profound impacts on many lives.

If you are interested in learning more about the scriptures, whether you are interested in attending a divinity program, or whether you just want enhanced knowledge, you can find information online. There are a number of blogs written by scholars who can help you better understand God’s word — and your future path. Here are 50 great blogs by divinity and theology professors:

Religious History and Studies

These professors know about religious history, and study the underpinnings of religion and spirituality. Find out more about the development of man’s relationship with his God.

  1. XKV8R: Learn more about religious history and theology through archeology.
  2. Grateful to the Dead: Concerns itself with Christian history and religion.
  3. The Blogging Parson: Teaches at Moore College in Australia.
  4. Mark F. Johnson: With a focus on St. Thomas of Aquinas, this professor offers plenty of religious insight.
  5. Christian Living: This theology professor offers insight on Christianity.com.
  6. Leithart.com: This theology fellow offers plenty of religious insight on history and the development of Christianity.
  7. Codex: Studies scriptural writings, and takes a scholarly look at different versions of Christian history.
  8. Scholaristas: These LDS women offer insights into religion and history, and includes teachers among them.
  9. Religion in American History: An interesting look at religion in the U.S., from an often contrary point of view.

Religious Philosophy and Theology

The philosophy related to spiritual matters is interesting. You might be surprised at the different philosophies that abound in the world of theology. Read up on theology and philosophy when you peruse the following blogs.

  1. Fors Clavigera: This Christian philosopher is a professor, as well, and studies Christianity.
  2. Brandon Withrow: This theological studies professor is also a blogger at the Huffington Post.
  3. Helm’s Deep: This professor looks at religious philosophy and delves into interesting topics.
  4. Thoughts on Theology: This professor muses on theology from a conservative perspective.
  5. Thinking Out Loud: This professor of theology offers insights into religion and philosophy, as well as appropriate leadership.
  6. For His Renown: Thoughts on theology and religious philosophy from a Baptist perspective.
  7. The Sacred Page: Catholic theology professors write this blog about thought and philosophy.
  8. Prof. John Stackhouse’s Weblog: Christian philosophy and conversation.
  9. Transverse Markings: One Theologian’s Notes: A look at what is happening in theology, and what is happening in the wider culture.
  10. Shored Fragments: Thoughts on theology from a professor at St. Mary’s College in Scotland.
  11. Albert Mohler: Read more about philosophy and theology of Christianity.
  12. Theommentary: Commentary on theology from a professor at Briercrest College.
  13. Faith and Theology: A look at theology from this knowledgeable professor who explores the differences between the study of religion and faith.
  14. Reimagining the Future of Faith: Philosophical look at what could be next for faith and for religion.
  15. The Politics of the Cross Resurrected: A political blog looking at theology, ethics and faith philosophy.

Old Testament Studies

Some divinity professors devote their entire careers to the study of the Old Testament — and for good reason. The historical, literary and religious significance of the Old Testament is far reaching. Find out more about the Old Testament from these insightful scholars.

  1. Dr. Claude Mariotti – Professor of the Old Testament: Learn more about the Old Testament and get solid insights.
  2. Old Testament Studies: Takes a look at the Old Testament, and offers great insights.
  3. Dan the Doc: A look at the Old Testament from this professor of theology.
  4. Scatterings: The professor of the Old Testament in Canada.
  5. Old Testament Passions: This professor shares information about the Old Testament and ancient Hebrew culture.
  6. Head Heart Hands: Learn about the Old Testament from this professor who specializes in practical theology — teaching you to live what you learn.
  7. Serving the Word: Focus on the Hebrew Bible, linguistic anthropology and religion.
  8. PaleoJudaica: A look at matters relating to ancient Judaism, during the time of the Old Testament.
  9. Higgaion: This blog on the Old Testament has a specific focus on the Exodus.
  10. TaborBlog: Hebrew Bible, as well as information on early Christianity and other subjects from a Religious Studies chair.

New Testament Studies and Early Christianity

Learn more about the New Testament. The history of the New Testament is interesting and varied. By studying the New Testament and early Christianity, it is possible to learn more about our own religious roots today. Find out more about the New Testament and the beginnings of the various Christian faiths with these blogs.

  1. Canadian Biblical Studies Blog: This blog is written by a New Testament lecturer in Canada.
  2. AKMA’s Random Thoughts: A look at the New Testament from a knowledgeable professor.
  3. NT Blog: A blog about the New Testament, including some helpful resources.
  4. An alien and a stranger: Considers the New Testament and such subjects as the historical Jesus.
  5. The Forbidden Gospels: An interesting look at early Christianity, and the scriptures that didn’t make it into the canon.
  6. Biblical Theology: Insights from this professor of New Testament Studies.
  7. NT Resources Blog: A professor offers helpful resources and insights that can help your study of the New Testament.
  8. Darrel L. Bock’s blog: Bible.org hosts the blog of this New Testament scholar.
  9. Exploring Our Matrix: Takes a look at the language of the New Testament.

Seminary Faculty Blogs

These great blogs include writing from various professors at theological seminaries. You can learn a lot from these scholars who devote their lives to helping students prepare for the ministry.

  1. Calvary Baptist Seminary Faculty: Learn more about the scriptures, living a Christian life, and the ministry.
  2. The Good Book Blog: The Talbot School of Theology offers this blog written by theology professors.
  3. Briercrest College Seminary Professor’s Blog: A great look at theology — and how to be a better seminary student.
  4. Seminary: Written by those involved with the seminary at Multinomah University.
  5. Between the Times: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary sponsors this blog written by knowledgeable teachers and professors.
  6. Renewal Dynamics: This is the official blog of Regent University’s School of Divinity.
  7. The Mormon Organon: This is a little different: A blog about Mormonism from a BYU professor teaching biology.

Top 15 Blogs on Religious Studies

Published by admin on Wed June 22, 2011

Religious studies combine the varying religions to see the effects on the mind, lifestyle and beliefs. It compares religions and showcases the similarities (if any) and the systematic perspective of a region based on its historical and religious roots. Religious studies differ from theology in that they are usually conducted by a third party. Theologists are usually a believer in the religion they are studying. (more…)

25 Myths About Religions Around the World

Published by admin on Thu May 26, 2011

No matter what your religion, beliefs, and beliefs on religion, chances are some of them are wrong. Growing up on the West side of the hemisphere can have occupants knowing little about Eastern religions and vice versa. There is even the possibility of not knowing what goes on in churches you pass every day.

To help in the quest for religious enlightenment, or at least a little knowledge, we have gathered the below 25 myths about religions around the world. From whether or not meat is acceptable right down to what happens after you die, the question of your eternal soul – and even if it exists – are all discussed below. (more…)

40 Awesome Android Apps for Scripture Study

Published by admin on Mon February 14, 2011

If you are looking to improve your scripture knowledge in order to further your efforts in the ministry, or if you are just looking to include God more in your life, you can get help from technology. Modern technology, including the Android smart phone, has made it possible to access the scriptures in a completely new way. It is possible to study the scriptures no matter where you are, whether you are in a class at divinity school, on the commute or in your own home. If you are interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of the scriptures, these 40 awesome Android apps can help: (more…)

Top 20 Most Influential Divinity Professors

Published by Madison on Mon January 31, 2011

We culled this list of the top 20 most influential divinity professors from some of the top divinity schools. Their accomplishments, publications and teaching methods all have earned them awards and prestigious standings at their various universities. The individuals are listed in alphabetical order by first name. (more…)

50 Worthy Christian Causes Worth Following on Twitter

Published by admin on Mon September 13, 2010

There are few things in life as rewarding as ministering to others through the gospel of our Lord. Indeed, the work that we do when we fulfill a calling to spread the good work goes beyond salary. In efforts to spread the gospel, and bring the light of Christ to others, it is clear that technology can be a great gift. Indeed, the Internet especially has been influential in bringing knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus to people all over the world.

One of the great tools that can be used in this online ministry is Twitter. There are a number of ways to connect with other Christians, and even to follow worthy Christian causes. Here are 50 great causes that you can follow using Twitter:


15 Bookmarkable Infographics About the Bible & Christianity

Published by admin on Thu June 3, 2010

One of the most interesting and helpful ways to organize information is through the use of infographics. An infographic organizes information in a way that allows you to process it, and learn it. If you are interested in divinity subjects, infographics about Christianity and the Bible can be very helpful. Learn about different Biblical subjects, and visualize various events throughout Christian history. You don’t need to be theology major to be interested, either. Inforgraphics can be a fun and interesting way to be informed and augment your scripture study. Here are 15 infographics about the Bible and Christianity to consider bookmarking:

Top 50 Blogs by Divinity Students

Published by Madison on Mon May 10, 2010

Divinity students, which range in focus from Biblical studies to philosophical ruminations, can be found in Ivy League colleges, seminaries and in church schools throughout the nation. One thing you may learn about divinity students, no matter if they are undergrads, master’s degree or PhD students — they seem to have more time to blog once they’ve graduated. That said, we’ve managed to cull 50 top blogs written by divinity students across the U.S., categorized by degree and a bonus category filled with groups of students who blog. (more…)

25 Excellent iPad Apps for Scripture Study

Published by admin on Thu May 6, 2010

If you want to make a living in the clergy, it can help to have a degree in divinity. Of course, in order to excel in a religious studies or divinity program, it helps to have a good working knowledge of the scriptures. If you want immediate access to the Word of God right at your finger tips, you can use the iPad to get what you need. Here are some great apps that will work on the iPad, allowing you to take your scriptures with you no matter where you go: (more…)