25 Excellent iPad Apps for Scripture Study

Published by admin on Thu May 6, 2010

If you want to make a living in the clergy, it can help to have a degree in divinity. Of course, in order to excel in a religious studies or divinity program, it helps to have a good working knowledge of the scriptures. If you want immediate access to the Word of God right at your fingertips, you can use the iPad to get what you need. Here are some great apps that will work on the iPad, allowing you to take your scriptures with you no matter where you go:

Christian Scriptures

Bible on iPadHere are some apps that include scriptures, references and more. Search the scriptures associated with Christianity quickly and easily.

  1. Bible Reader: Olive Tree offers this great Bible program that works on iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Know what’s in there with great study tools, available for various translations of the Bible. Includes maps and other resources.
  2. Logos Bible Software: Get the latest version of Logos Bible Software, and study in a variety of languages, and with interesting commentary. Choose among different translations of the Bible, and search for and mark your favorite passages.
  3. LDS Scriptures for iPad: Includes all the Standard Works (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price) of the LDS faith, as well as hymns, manuals and gospel art. A great scripture study resource, with everything the Latter-Day Saint needs to be a superb scriptorian.
  4. The Word of Promise: Study the bible with The Word of Promise audio Bible. Interesting, dramatic readings of different selections.
  5. Bible HD: Choose from different translations of the Bible — in hi-def! Made for the iPad’s larger screen, you can use this app to comfortable study the Bible.
  6. Mantis Bible Study: You can get this Bible study app on the iPad, leading to a rewarding study experience, with helpful highlights and remembrances. Create your own study plan, and track your progress.
  7. PocketBible: Highlight passages that especially touch you, tracking your progress. Create your own devotional reading plan to help you study the Bible effectively, no matter where you are. Perfect companion for the serious scriptorian.
  8. Holy Bible: Offers the chance to read different translations of the Bible. Note favorite passages, and search for specific verses. You don’t need an Internet connection to use this iPad app, although it helps if you want updates or to get a new translation.
  9. Summary Old Testament Apocrypha: Summaries of some of the Apocrypha from the Old Testament. Learn about some of what didn’t make it into the modern Bible.
  10. Summary New Testament Apocrypha Books: If you are interested in New Testament Apocrypha, this iPad app can be quite interesting and helpful. Includes some books that you might not be overly familiar with.
  11. Bible Verses International: Useful and inspirational iPad app that will automatically come up with a beautiful verse from the Bible when you bring it up. Find a daily dose of spiritual enlightenment.

Other Religious Scriptures

There are plenty of non-Christian religions with their own scriptures. If you are interested in studying these, you can do so with the help of the following iPad applications.

  1. Torah on iPad: See the Torah on the iPad, beautifully rendered. Find the weekly Torah portion, and bookmark desired selections. A great study aid that you can keep with you always.
  2. The Talmud: Study the Talmud, no matter where you are, with help from this handy iPad app. Organized simply, and easy to use, this app offers you quick insight and the ability to study scripture.
  3. Quran Reader: Experience the beauty of the Qur’an no matter where you are. Includes beautiful images and lovely script. Study the Qur’an in Arabic, and immerse yourself in the spiritual experience.
  4. The Holy Qur’an in English: If you do not know Arabic, it can help to study the Holy Qur’an in English. This iPad app will help you do just that. Searchable, and helpful, allowing you to favorite verses. Intuitively organized by Surah and then verse.
  5. The Dhammapada: Search Buddhist scripture and find peace and inspiration with this iPad app, designed to help you find your way. An interesting app, with lovely images.
  6. A Buddhist Bible: This app is meant to provides some of the scriptures revered by those of the Zen sect of Buddhism. Contains select verses and meditations for your enlightenment.
  7. Bhagavad Gita for Busy People: This is one of the most widely known and regarded of the Hindu scriptures. This iPad app provides quick insights into spiritual wisdom for application in every day life.

Music and Media

You can enhance your scriptures study with the right music. Spiritual tradition includes hymns, chants and other forms of music. Set the right tone for scripture study with these iPad apps.

  1. NRT Mobile: Christian Music Database: Get regular updates of Christian music to help you find the spirit.
  2. Mobile Worship Network: Music, videos, and more related to Christianity. Find positive influences and good music. Helpful when you are looking for proper inspiration.
  3. Your LDS Radio: Find uplifting, Christ centered music, including instrumental pieces. Choose the music stream of your choice, meant to fit your mood.
  4. iGongyo: Use this iPad app to help you find help on your spiritual through chant. Great for use in practice, helping you focus your mind before you begin the study of Buddhist scripture. Use to help you attune yourself.
  5. Bhakti Music: Find yourself transported by this sacred music. In the finest Indian musical tradition, you can find this devotional music, designed to help your spiritual state. Helpful mantras are also included.
  6. Quran Majeed: One way you can enhance your study of the Qur’an is to listen to great reciters. This iPad app can allow you the chance to listen to beautiful renditions of passages from the Qur’an. Perfect for focusing the mind before you begin your readings, or before prayer.
  7. Turning the Soul: Worlds of Jewish Sacred Music: Listen to Jewish sacred music from around the world. These beautiful renditions are meant to help you get into a frame of mind in which your soul can commune with God. Inspirational, wonderful music for when you want to connect with the sacred.

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