40 Awesome Android Apps for Scripture Study

Published by admin on Mon February 14, 2011

If you are looking to improve your scripture knowledge in order to further your efforts in the ministry, or if you are just looking to include God more in your life, you can get help from technology. Modern technology, including the Android smartphone, has made it possible to access the scriptures in a completely new way. It is possible to study the scriptures no matter where you are, whether you are in a class at divinity school, on the commute or in your own home. If you are interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of the scriptures, these 40 awesome Android apps can help:


One of the most important tools for anyone intent on learning God’s will is the Bible. Happily, there are several good Bible applications for Android, providing you with the chance to get some different perspectives on the scriptures.

  1. Bible: This amazing reference is more than one complete Bibles in one. Access to a number of translations, including NIV, NKJV, ESV, WEB and more. A great tool for comparing different translations.
  2. LiveBible: This Bible reader is meant to help you read whether you are online or off. It also includes the ability to help you follow ESV daily reading. Supports most of the popular Bible translations.
  3. AcroBible Lite: This is the entire text of the King James Version of the Bible. Includes keyword search and touch navigation. You can also read without a network connection.
  4. Hebrew Bible: A cool Bible written in Hebrew font. Searchable, and includes the ability to zoom in or out. A cool Bible for those interested in the Hebrew. Cost: Free
  5. Touch Bible: Uses “Dial A Verse” to help you quickly find what you are looking for. Fast and easy.
  6. CrossConnect Bible: A number of Bible translations, including Chinese and Spanish. Includes an audio version of ESV and KJV. You can customize your font for easy reading.
  7. Bible King James Version: Bookmark and share passages. Also include a three year daily reading plan to help you get through the Bible.
  8. Amplified Bible – Bible Reader: This great Bible reader offers you access to the Amplified Bible and all the great extras that come with it. Includes maps, footnotes and more.
  9. VirtueBible FE: This Android Bible app is designed to help you meditate on what you are reading. Includes notes and history, as well as search and ability to share.
  10. Tecarta Bible for Android: An easy to read Bible in a number of different translations. Great resource for study and daily reading.
  11. CadreBible: This feature rich Bible allows for offline study, and includes concordance and other great features for the Bible scholar.
  12. Grace Mobile Bible Studio App: 20 Bible translations easily accessible. Includes daily grace text, as well as prayer requests and private messaging.
  13. ASV for Lifove Bible 2.1: Access to a Bible that can be read anywhere.
  14. Talking NLT Bible: This Bible will talk to you, offering a great version of the New Living Translation Bible. A great way to hear the Word when you can’t read it.
  15. Scriptures: You can read the KJV of the Bible, and also the LDS standard works. Helpful, since it offers cross references.

Bible Study

If you are looking for help with your Bible study, you can look to your Android smart phone. These applications provide insights, tips and tools that can help you make your Bible study more effective, whether you are doing it alone or in a group.

  1. The Bible Scholar: Amazing tools to help you with your Bible study. Easy to search, helping you find answers to Bible questions.
  2. DailyBible 1.1: A great option for reading or studying. Meant to help you break down your study into daily bites. Includes devotionals and podcasts.
  3. Bible in a Year: Get on track to study the Bible over the course of a year. A great way to get your scripture study in high gear.
  4. HolyMobile Bible Reference: A great reference with plenty of tools and inspirational helps.
  5. Oxford Dictionary of the Bible: Great reference to help you keep everything straight as you study.
  6. Bible Dictionary Smith’s: Get insights and information on different terms, people and places you will encounter in the Bible.
  7. Bible Proverbs: Perfect for those moments when you just want access to the wisdom in Proverbs. Includes daily Proverb.
  8. Bible: Daily Light: Offers different scriptures for morning and evening study, includes a number of devotions.
  9. Mosaic Holy Bible: This study Bible is designed to help you deepen your relationship with Christ.
  10. Bible Quote Widget: Get regular quotes from the Bible throughout the day.
  11. BfA Bible Study: Bibles for America offers this great Bible study tool that is concise, and allows you to share with others.
  12. iChristianCircle: Connect with others who share your faith. Get answers to Bible questions, and even arrange group Bible study.
  13. Test Your Faith Lite: Improve your Bible knowledge and study skills with the help of this great quiz app.
  14. SincerePrayer: Great app that helps you connect your study with prayer. Meant to help with devotional study.
  15. ColorDict: This isn’t an actual Bible, but it does offer you the chance to highlight. Add it to your Android, and you can use it to improve your Bible study.
  16. Flash Cards for Android: You can create your own Bible based flash cards with this Android app. Perfect for study.

Non-Christian Scriptures

Your knowledge of your own religion can be enhanced when you read other scriptures. Indeed, you can also gain a better understanding of others when you read their religious texts. These Android apps provide you with access to other works of religious significance.

  1. iQuran: Beautiful translation of the Holy Qur’an, laying the English next to the Arabic.
  2. Pocket Quran: A helpful Android app that allows you to carry the Qur’an with you no matter where you are.
  3. The Talmud: An abridged translation of the Talmud, from the perspective of a sympathetic Christian.
  4. Daf Yomi: Get a page daily from the Babylonia Talmud. A great resource and reference.
  5. Dhammapada: This collections of verses represents some of the words of Buddhist scripture. Find out more with this Android app.
  6. The Ultimate Buddhism Library: Includes information on Buddhist teachings and more.
  7. The Rig Veda I: Read through the oldest of the sacred Hindu Vedas.
  8. Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Insight into Hindu scripture and philosophy.
  9. Thirukkural for Android: Read the wisdom of the Tamil people, as written by Thiruvalluvar.

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