50 Worthy Christian Causes Worth Following on Twitter

Published by admin on Mon September 13, 2010

There are few things in life as rewarding as ministering to others through the gospel of our Lord. Indeed, the work that we do when we fulfill a calling to spread the good work goes beyond salary. In efforts to spread the gospel, and bring the light of Christ to others, it is clear that technology can be a great gift. Indeed, the Internet especially has been influential in bringing knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus to people all over the world.

One of the great tools that can be used in this online ministry is Twitter. There are a number of ways to connect with other Christians, and even to follow worthy Christian causes. Here are 50 great causes that you can follow using Twitter:

Ministries and Movements

Keep up with the Christian ministries that are making a difference. Includes movements intent on spreading the good word, and helping bring a more Christian focus to public life.

  1. @OMusa: International ministry that helps Christian missionaries around the world.
  2. @SamaritansPurse: Non-denominational evangelical ministry aimed at helping those who are hurt and need help.
  3. @MissionMANNA: Provides spiritual and temporal health in Haiti.
  4. @Habitat_org: International Christian ministry aimed at helping people build homes.
  5. @WorldVisionUSA: Ministry aimed at helping poor children around the world.
  6. @LDSMissions: Information and news about efforts to spread the LDS faith around the world.
  7. @30dp: A movement aimed at helping Christians collectively pray about important issues. Daily inspiration.
  8. @AdvntConspiracy: Movement aims at putting Christ back in Christmas by reducing consumerism.
  9. @HeresLife: The Twitter account of an inner city ministry.
  10. @CatalystLeader: Offers a look at the next leaders of Christianity and encourages them.

Politics and Campaigns

What we do in public can have the potential to influence thousands of people. Here are some Christian political efforts, as well as public campaigns, aimed at raising awareness of moral issues.

  1. @persecutionblog: Campaign to raise awareness of how Christians are still persecuted around the world.
  2. @prolifehealth: A look at health care and reform from a pro-life perspective.
  3. @ProLifeBlogs: Focuses on the dubious morality of abortion, and works toward life.
  4. @personhoodusa: A peaceful activist campaign to recognize the personhood of unborn children.
  5. @worldvisionacts: A look at advocacy, social justice and other political and social issues from a Christian point of view.
  6. @compassion: Christian campaign to relieve child poverty.
  7. @ModernSpiritual: This pediatrician hopes to help you increase your spirituality in the workplace.
  8. @AllianceDefense: Addresses issues of freedom of speech and religion. Campaigns for more religious freedom for Christians.
  9. @Heritage: This think tank is devoted to bring Christian values to public life. Focuses on politics and public policy.
  10. @ccoalition: Activists determined to help bring morality back into public life.
  11. @Surrender40: Outreach group aimed at helping relieve the homeless. Also looks into activists efforts on homeless policy.

Christian Organizations

These organizations help raise awareness of Christian causes, and can be great sources of information. Follow these organizations on Twitter, and get involved.

  1. @BibleLeagueAUS: This organization provides Bibles to others so that they can read the Word.
  2. @beliefnet: Great place to go to learn more about Christianity — as well as other faiths. Promotes understanding between faiths.
  3. @SalvationArmyUS: The Twitter feed of the well-known Christian organization.
  4. @Ligonier: A great group devoted to helping Christians understand — and express — what they believe.
  5. @emergentvillage: This group is devoted to providing help and information to missional Christians.
  6. @OpenDoors: An organization aimed at helping persecuted Christians around the world.
  7. @womenoffaith: Designed to help women of faith connect and find causes that they care about.
  8. @hookersforjesus: A fascinating Christian organization aimed at helping victims of sex trafficking, as well as sex addicts. Founded by a woman who overcame her experience in sex trafficking.

Christian Media

Find out how Christian media organizations can help raise moral awareness. These organizations cover causes, and spearhead efforts to spread the Word far and wide.

  1. @csmonitoronline: Information, causes and issues that are important to Christians.
  2. @CTmagazine: The Twitter feed of Christianity Today, the magazine providing news and insights related to what’s happening in the Christian world.
  3. @12Magazine: Helpful insights for Christian business owners.
  4. @ChristianPost: Get Christian news and information that can help you be more active in various causes.
  5. @Christsinternet: Provides resources related to Christian media and causes.
  6. @zondervan: This Christian publisher offers inspirational tweets, news and information on getting involved.
  7. @LDSNewsroom: News and information related to the LDS church.
  8. @timesandseasons: Information on Christian and LDS efforts, news and causes.
  9. @FocusPRTeam: This is the feed for Focus on the Family, a well-known organization that is known for its Christian media efforts.
  10. @CRSBfriends: A worthy cause providing Christian publications for those who are visually impaired.

Christan Personalities

Discover the Christian causes these prominent personalities support. These Christian personalities and thought leaders can help you be more aware of and involved in important issues and causes.

  1. @glennbeck: The Twitter account of LDS Fox News personality Glenn Beck.
  2. @MaxLucado: Well known author and Christian personality. Offers insight into Christian causes, as well as general spiritual insight.
  3. @RickWarren: This well known “radical for Jesus” offers inspiration and encouragement for more involvement in a Christian lifestyle.
  4. @NatalieGrant: Singer working to bring awareness of Christ as she performs all over the country.
  5. @acts29: Scott Thomas is an active pastor and involved in “church planting.” Someone who works to spread the Word and encourage lives in harmony with the gospel.
  6. @joelosteenmin: This well known Christian personality shares his views and insights into the gospel.
  7. @candacecbure: This well known Christian offers helpful insight on living the gospel and sharing her light. Involved in philanthropy, and encourages others to be as well.
  8. @fatherdave: This interesting martial arts master is also an activist and an Anglican priest. Information on what you can do to become involved in Christian causes.
  9. @JoyceMeyer: This wise founder of a ministry offers “Joyce-isms” that can help you live a better, more Christian life.
  10. @edstetzer: Very involved in missional Christian efforts, and someone who offers encouragement to those working to life a more Christlike life.
  11. @John1720: This compassionate Christian leader is especially interested in the mentally disabled population, and ministering to them.

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