7 Myths and Facts about a Career in Religious Studies

Published by admin on Tue January 12, 2010

The development of recent years have shown religion developing into a very vital, dynamic and irrepressible element of the cultural life, both being in nationally as well as internationally. Therefore, need to better understand religions of the world have risen considerably in recent times. This urge to better understand religion have given focus towards career in religious studies, here a brief analysis to study of religion is given in step wise process.

  1. Religious studies looks at globalized human cultures from many perspectives like history of religion, philosophy of religion, feminism and gender studies, semiotics, morality studies, postmodernism, cultural studies, phenomenology and psychology of religion. This way a student of religious studies tries to understand scope of the self, society, the world, and transcendent reality.
  2. Student of religious studies can enter into any field as required for liberal art preparations like teaching, law, diplomatic service, human services, journalism and business. Some other can follow studies into religion or other can make direct entry into seminary. Religious studies provide necessary skill for research, critical thinking, cultural sensitivity and a globalized knowledge base.
  3. There is a varied opinion about what religious studies graduate do after completing their studies. According to a survey 52.9% go into employment, 39.1% do further studies, 4.2 % still tries to search job and for 3.8% there hardly remains any data available for them.  The 37% go into professional occupation like teaching and public service. Other 20% go into as Associate Professors, 17% go into administration, and 9.4% go into sales and customer service, 8.7% into personal services and last 7% into management and senior officials.
  4. As for employer outlook for students of religious studies they go into the variety of field and areas and these employers also happens to be varying and different. Among all the available employers and areas of work 10.3% go into retail, 19% into health and social work, 9.6% into business and research, 7.4% into public administration, 5.9% in finance, 27.2% in education and 16.2% in other community and social activities.
  5. As for the specific designated jobs, a student of religious studies can go into a number of specific jobs and area to work for. They can go to work into the areas and designation like as an Administrator, Advice worker, counselor, housing adviser, journalist, librarian, minister of religion, social worker, teacher and youth and community worker.
  6. Apart from job there are many skills that get developed into the student of religious studies after reading a lot from theological studies. Religious studies develop into a student following traits like Clear & Logical thinking, Critical evaluation,  Literacy & Expression,  Negotiating, Organizing, Planning,  Problem solving, Research and working to deadlines.
  7. Finally, a degree to student of religious studies shows an exposer to and familiarity with a wide variety of religious books and pamphlets.   There are a good number of magazines and books on the religious studies of what a student can take better advantage

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