7 Facts and Myths about World Religions

Published by admin on Sat April 3, 2010

A religion is considered as a set of beliefs diverted to a cause and nature and purpose of the universe. Religion involves devotional and ritual observance having a moral code to regulate the conduct of human affairs. Different aspects of religion include narrative, symbolism, beliefs and practice which are supposed to give practitioner’s experience of life.

7 Myths and Facts about a Career in Religious Studies

Published by admin on Tue January 12, 2010

The development of recent years have shown religion developing into a very vital, dynamic and irrepressible element of the cultural life, both being in nationally as well as internationally. Therefore, need to better understand religions of the world have risen considerably in recent times. This urge to better understand religion have given focus towards career in religious studies, here a brief analysis to study of religion is given in step wise process.