MA in Christian Studies

The Master of Arts in Christian Studies is typically one of the more general religious-oriented graduate degree programs available. In many cases, such a degree offers students a general educational understanding of how theological, philosophical, historical, and biblical references engage and interact with one another. The human condition and its role in biblical teaching is also often a key component to such programs, which generally focus more on theological interpretation of biblical teachings, and less on the literal articulation.

Career Outlook & Salaries with This Degree

An MA in Christian Studies does not pigeon-hole degree holders into solely religious-based work opportunities. To the contrary, actually, as careers in societal or municipal leadership, or varying professional opportunities — including management and leadership roles — are also widely relevant. Certain programs offering this degree specifically encourage students to utilize the relevant biblical course of study to enhance their roles in the typical business marketplace.

Job Responsibilities with This Degree

Those who successfully obtain a Master of Arts in Christian Studies degree should be able to utilize relevant biblical teachings to improve interpersonal communication and relationships in the familial, social and business setting. Successful candidates will likely be able to expand those relevant biblical teachings on a global perspective. Students will also have the opportunity to grow their own understanding of the modern Christian message, while helping the counseling of others seeking similar enlightenment.

Course Requirements and Prerequisites for Earning This Degree

Bachelor’s degrees are regularly required, with coursework during the MA in Christian Studies degree program to often include biblical, theological and historical studies. In many cases, because the MA in Christian Studies serves as a general degree program, much of the program is designed by the student itself, in concert with a particular institutions requirements and expectations.

Online MA in Christian Studies Degree Programs

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