MA in Ministry

The Master of Arts in Ministry may not be designed for those seeking official ordination under most religious denominations, but most MA in Ministry programs are still considered a cornerstone for anyone seeking advancement or appointment in the form of lay leadership or service.

Career Outlook & Salaries with This Degree

Typical MA in Ministry degree candidates embark on this particular program of study seeking church or congregational leadership roles — but usually not pastoral ordination. While candidates looking to enhance careers as pastors, ministers or priests might do so by seeking a Master of Theology or Master of Divinity, those seeking a Master of Arts in Ministry degree most often do so with other leadership opportunities in mind.

Compensation for lay ministers or congregational leaders may range from approximately $33,000 to nearly $60,000 — with an MA in Ministry degree being worth a noticeable compensation increase.

Job Responsibilities with This Degree

MA in Ministry graduates may use such a degree to help enhance careers in young adult ministry, church administration or expansion, women’s ministry, or any other ministry effort typically performed by a lay person and not a minister or pastor. In essence, such a degree could be considered vital to expounding on a particular church or denomination’s overall mission. Development of religious programs and church expansion efforts are just two of many day-to-day opportunities such a degree could help provide.

Course Requirements and Prerequisites for Earning This Degree

Bachelor’s degrees are universally required for the standard MA in Ministry program, with expected academic work containing thorough liberal arts study, including languages and social sciences required. Specific religious study — often the old testament, new testament, and theology, among others — is also often required. Local parish endorsement is also often recommended for entrance into such a program.

Online MA in Ministry Degree Programs

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