MA in Religion

The Master of Arts in Religion degree is best suited for students seeking a religious-oriented program of study that is more general (rather than focusing on a specific track of religious study) in relation to how it addresses the study of scripture and Christian faith. Generally intended for prospective students not in search of positioning as a priest, minister, or pastor, typical MA in Religion programs entrench students into a deep-rooted study of the Bible and Christianity as a whole. The MA in Religion may be offered as its own degree program in many instances, while in some cases, it is offered as a supplement to a Master of Divinity or Master of Theology degree.

Career Outlook & Salaries with This Degree

The MA in Religion degree is well suited for various “lay leader” positions within the church. Counselors, missionary’s, church administrators, and youth pastors may also find such a degree useful. Ordained church leaders may also find such a degree useful, especially considering a wide array of specializations available. Students may also find the MA in Religion degree to fit well as a stepping stone toward an applicable Ph.D. program.

Job Responsibilities with This Degree

Students who obtain an MA in Religion degree can expect to have the opportunity to help develop congregation or parish evangelism and mission strategies. Students may also be qualified to teach general religious studies courses at the collegiate level.

Course Requirements and Prerequisites for Earning This Degree

General requirements for many MA in Religion programs include a bachelor’s degree and pastoral recommendation, while many courses of study or specializations may include church leadership, youth ministries, pastoral counseling, or religious education. A foreign language component (often Greek or Hebrew) is also a likely requirement, and courses in philosophy can often fulfill prerequisite requirements, as well as help fulfill necessary elective components of such a program.

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