Top 15 Blogs on Religious Studies

Published by admin on Wed June 22, 2011

Religious studies combine the varying religions to see the effects on the mind, lifestyle and beliefs. It compares religions and showcases the similarities (if any) and the systematic perspective of a region based on its historical and religious roots. Religious studies differ from theology in that they are usually conducted by a third party. Theologists are usually a believer in the religion they are studying.

Top Blogs and Websites on Religious Studies

Learn about religious studies at these top blogs and websites on the subject. Regardless of your own religious background, learning about others will help you gain a more thorough understanding of the world and often, your own beliefs.

  1. UC Davis Religious Studies Blog This university blog logs studies and papers on the subject, allowing you to browse the latest religious studies from colleges in America. This blog is intended for religious studies students, but serves as a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn about the subject.
  2. Tutor 2 U – Religious Studies This blog talks about your moral compass and how it relates to various religions. It also discusses religion and religious figures in the media. If you’re just beginning your foray into religious studies, this blog is a great starting place.
  3. Missouri State Religious Studies Blog This religious studies blog of MSU tracks the departments own studies and excavations. It is an interesting site for learning about what those majoring in religious studies can go on to do as a career choice.
  4. Not Theology This site focuses on religious studies in Middle Eastern culture. One of the most fascinating posts revolves around suicide bombers and how religion and beliefs play a factor in pushing one to become a martyr.
  5. Bible Studies At this blog, you’ll find a mix of personal and religious study musings. The author is an assistant professor at a university in Canada and at the bottom of the blog, you’ll find links to posts within the blog that provide a crash course in religious studies.
  6. Continuum Religious Studies This blog covers religious studies from an interesting angle, posting news on conferences, books and developments. There’s no shortage to the amount of things you can learn from this blog, which has impressive guest posts from authors and thought leaders in this field.
  7. Canadian Biblical Studies Blog This blog is mostly about biblical studies, but delves into some religious studies, especially over Islam. This is a blog for those well-versed in the field, but layman can appreciate the book and web recommendations to learn more.
  8. Forbidden Gospels This blog is penned by the biblical studies professor at Rice University. It is packed with book reviews, news on seminars and speaking engagements at the university and links to other websites that will help you learn more about religious studies.
  9. Bible Study Connection This blog merges some science along with bible studies. It is an interesting look at how the stories of the major religious are similar and which are scientifically possible. The side bar leads you to a further studies list of books recommendations on theology and religious studies.
  10. BBC Religious Studies This site of the BBC is packed with articles over religious studies. It covers everything from Christianity to Islam and an ample section over ethics in religion.
  11. Religious Studies Messageboards and Forums

    Get talking with others who enjoy learning about religions from all walks of life at these messageboards and forums.

  12. Theology Online The thoughtful crowd at this messageboard is eager to converse on theology and religious studies. It is an active board with poignant discussions over the similarities in the five major religions.
  13. United Church of Christ Forum This is a Christian-based forum, but the members are eager to hear opinions and thoughts of those outside of their religion. It’s one of the most open-minded Christian theology messageboards, with insightful conversations on morality and tolerance of religions.
  14. Science Forums – Theology Forum This excellent theology forum has threads over heaven, hell and everything in-between. There are a few science-based threads too, where members chat about the scientific significance of things supposedly happen throughout various religious texts.
  15. The Institute for Global Church Studies Forum At this messageboard, you’ll find discussions over Christianity and book reviews over religious studies. This board isn’t very busy, but there are a few threads that are packed with information for a person just starting to learn about the comparisons and contrasts of the most common religions.
  16. Religious Forums This is one of the best forums for discussing religious hot topics and comparisons between religions. There are forums for discussing individual religions, but areas for religious general religious studies. What we love about is any debates that get out of hand are immediately handled by moderators, but for the most part it’s a respectful online community.

Learning about different religions opens your mind to become tolerant and seeing how religion has played a role in politics and social development over centuries. Religious topics aren’t always easy to get into with family or friends, so joining an online community to help you understand and learn about other religions. Blogs and websites on religious studies are helpful for learning about religious beliefs you may not be familiar with and understand the similarities between some of the major religions.

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