Average Salary with a Masters in Divinity or Theology

A masters in divinity or theology is not a necessary degree for many church posts but it does have its advantages. For those looking for the most opportunities and the highest pay then this advanced degree is the way to gain access to these benefits. The benefits may not be what this job is about but they can still be enjoyable.

The Average Salary

Your average salary with a masters in divinity or theology will vary depending upon your position in the church but one fact remains the same. Your salary will be higher when you have your masters than if you had a lesser degree. When you start out as a youth pastor your salary is likely to be in the neighbourhood of $35,000 a year but this will increase with time and as you move up in the church hierarchy. In fact, your salary may increase to as much as $55,000 a year when you have your masters if you work your way up to being the head of the ministry. Other positions in the church pay salaries that lie between these two points.

Why Enter Into A Career In The Church?

This is a silly question for many masters of divinity students because they consider this type of career more of a calling than a job. If your faith is strong and you feel that ministry is the right manifestation of your faith then this type of degree is just logical. It is the path that will allow you to go from a being a layperson to a member of the ministry.

Some individuals enter into the church to make changes. They wish to reawaken peoples’ faith and to remind them that faith is not a static concept but rather a way of living. They wish to bring out of people their desire to show their faith to the world through every action and every word.

Others wish to preserve the old ways. Keeping traditions alive can remind you where you came from and give you stability in a changing world. In the end, you enter into a career in the church to help people remember to live their faith in good times and in bad.

The average salary with a masters in divinity or theology is just the beginning. The true reward of the jobs that this degree leads to is the satisfaction of helping people find faith in a difficult world. It is faith that feeds the soul.

Best Masters of Divinity & Other Religion Degrees

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree involves the study of Christian theology. This degree is the first professional degree of the pastoral profession in the United States. Holders of this degree are typically prepared for pastorship, priesthood, or professional ministry. Studies include Scripture studies, pastoral theology, Hebrew, liturgical studies, canon law, philosophy, and more. Below is a list of the most popular online colleges offering an M.Div. or related degree.

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